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Svr Spirial Spray Vegetal 75ml

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Svr Spirial Spray Vegetal 75ml has a specific formula for sensitive skin. Without alcohol and aluminum salts it is formulated with a sweat regulating plant complex and enriched with a soothing active ingredient. With a unique formula, it contains Horsetail, Sage Extract, and also Calendula. Horsetail has astringent properties and, therefore, offers effective protection against body sweat. Sage Extract has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties and provides a deodorizing action. Calendula helps strengthen the skin barrier and soothe the skin relieving both tightness and irritation.

In essence, this deodorant spray not only helps regulate sweat and provide a deodorizing action but also strengthens the skin barrier and helps relieve tightness and irritation. It can be applied after hair-removal and is suitable for underarms, hands, and feet. With an instant-dry finish, it leaves no white marks and has a 48-hour anti-dampness and anti-odor action. Besides, due to its compressed format, it allows 2x less gas for the same number of uses as a larger format, making it easier to transport and environmentally friendly.


Apply SVR Spirial 48h Vegetal Anti-Humidity Deodorant Spray daily, on both clean and dry skin of the underarms, hands and/or feet. Avoid contact with the eyes.



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