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Ten Science Moisturizing fluid-transformer Ten Science Hydra Magnetic Milk-In-Oil Moisturizing Fluid 50 ml

Transformable moisturizing serum Ten Science Hydra Magnetic Milk-In-Oil Moisturizing Fluid instantly replenishes the lack of moisture and promotes its retention for a long time. Restores the protective barrier of the skin, prevents the appearance of peeling, irritation and inflammatory processes. Gently brightens the overall skin tone and evens out the microtexture. The composition contains panthenol and aloe vera, which have moisturizing, regenerating and soothing properties. Eliminate redness, speed up the healing of damage and micro-wounds. Polarized water retains moisture in skin cells and prevents dehydration. A complex of oils (jojoba, sunflower and mimosa) regulate the hydrolipid balance, smoothes the texture of the epidermis and eliminates visible signs of aging. Reduces skin reactivity, making it less susceptible to environmental factors. Vitamin C and E soften and strengthen the skin, have an active antioxidant effect, and protect against the aggressive effects of free radicals. How to use Apply the required amount of serum to clean skin of the face and neck. Wait until completely absorbed and apply moisturizer.





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