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Delfy Collagen Boost SPF+50 Cream

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The first Ultra fast absorption facial cream with SPF50+ protection factor and high concentration of skin collagen stimulation that helps minimize the signs of aging and prevents the damaging effects of excess sun.

Collagen is a fundamental protein for the skin to maintain its freshness and the connective tissues are kept in perfect condition. But with age, from 25th it starts to decrease and after 40 years, it is reduced to 1% every year, this implies an associated cellular aging since the ability to regenerate that collagen is lower because Metabolic processes slow down in addition hormonal fluctuations.

This is accompanied by the harmful effects of the sun, which further accelerates the process of collagen reduction, not only in summer but throughout the year. PRO-COLL-ONE+ (2%) – Contains highly purified HRGP glycopeptides obtained Soya,

– Boosts collagen synthesis;

– Smooth surface micro-relief,

– Consolidates the dermal mattress and strongly reduces wrinkles;


High protection factor Based on the fast-absorbing physical and chemical filters that provide a finish without white residue.

More active ingredients:

– Niacinamida 3%

· Acido Hialuronico LMW

· Procolone 2%

· Alantoina 0.1%

Available in 2 format:

1. Very Elegant packaging with its luxury bag;

2. Portative packaging for take it away with a bag;

Capacity: 50ml


Face Cream, Sun



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