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Lazartigue Stronger Hair Serum 50ml

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Lazartigue Stronger Hair Serum 50ml is a vegan serum that targets seasonal or reactive hair loss through a gentle combination of two original botanical complexes. This product is ideal for those experiencing sudden and abnormal hair loss following a particular event; the usual suspects are pregnancy, illness, or seasonal changes, but reactive hair loss may also be caused by peaks of stress or fatigue. In order to restore the hair to a naturally healthy state, it’s important to stimulate the scalp while providing fragile hair with the nutrients it needs to grow healthy.

To that end, this serum is rich in Capixyl, a red clover complex that reinforces the hair follicle in order to encourage the development of stronger, healthier hair. It also contains Neutrazen, a soothing tri-peptide that soothes irritation while restoring the scalp’s normal sensitivity threshold. Over three months of application, hair loss begins to slow down; the hair grows stronger and more resistant, allowing your locks to recover their former glory.


Apply four to six drops of Lazartigue Stronger Hair Serum daily, on a dry or slightly damp scalp. To facilitate the application process, divide the hair into four sections; then, apply the serum to each section by moving the eye drop applicator along the scalp. Massage gently with your fingertips in order to stimulate microcirculation. Repeat until absorbed. Let the product dry, and do not rinse.

It is recommended that you continue the treatment for 3 months. In order to achieve the best possible results, combine this serum with a fortifying shampoo.





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